Community Development

For questions about the plan or to volunteer with others to meet one of the identified goals, please contact Regina Hall McClure, Community Development Coordinator at 606-789-2550 or

Paintsville/Johnson County Community Strategic Plan

The Planning Process

Johnson County Judge/Executive, Mark McKenzie and Paintsville Mayor, Bill Mike Runyon both recognize the value of the community working together to create an environment to support business and economic development. With many pieces to the economic development puzzle already in place, both leaders felt it was necessary to engage the public to produce a Community Strategic Plan to define a community vision and a clear set of strategies to achieve the goal of creating a desirable place to live and work. Johnson County Fiscal Court applied for and received an ARC Flex-E grant to fund the development of a Community Strategic Plan.

A Steering Committee representing various groups within the community was recruited and a consultant was chosen and the planning process started. The Steering Committee met two times to consider community needs and how to get the public engaged in the process. It was determined that the community would sponsor and on-line survey and host two community listening sessions. The consultant from CEDIK allowed the community to utilize their on-line survey tool to survey the community and nearly 1,500 responses were submitted. The meetings were advertised on social media, radio, newspaper, and through the posting of flyers. The first meeting had nearly 100 people and the second nearly 70 (it was a very stormy night with some localized flooding). The community was encouraged to offer solutions and not focus on naming issues. The Steering Committee met two times after the final listening session to evaluate the results from the survey and the solutions offered by the community in the listening sessions and with the help of the consultant a strategic plan was developed. A final community meeting was held on February 24th, 2020 to launch the plan with 54 attending. The meetings were recorded and shared on social media. Additionally, the judge and the mayor planned to initiate a Community Partner Collaboration Challenge to encourage multiple agencies to work together to host an event for the public in the Fall of 2020, but those plans have been delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions, but will continue when appropriate.